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W H I T E C O L L E C T I O N White signifies light, radiance, possibilities and joy of new beginnings. The fragrances pay homage to the white space: the page, the canvas, or an idea before its conception, at the point of materialising. Poets, writers, composers, artists and perfumers use the white space to reveal their art. The White Collection celebrates perfumery as the 8th art and brings meaning to the new creations. The Search For Happiness is the central theme of this collection. Each fragrance represent themes on the journey for the Search For Happiness inspired by Gustav Klimt’s stunning triptych – The Beethoven Frieze. Klimt’s artwork encapsulates the eternal and ever-present yearning for humanity to journey beyond the darker moments towards a civilisation where happiness and joy are omnipresent. Individually they tell a story but viewed as a collection they make a powerful statement as a triptych.